how to configure digimesh 2.4 for at least 5 nodes in mesh network ??

i am beginner in digimesh…

i want to make mesh network of 5 nodes which aggregate data to one different module.

plz give step wise process to configure each digimesh 2.4 modules using XCTU.

and also suggest me how to check mesh network on Xctu software (like terminal etc.)

The best way to do this is to configure the radios in a classic point to multi-point configuration, then send your data.

DH 0x00

Remote (s)
DL = SL of base
DH = SH of base

Test this by sending data back and forth and moving nodes till they are out of range. Than move back till it is in range and add one as a router at that location. Then keep going farther out.

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this is star topology …

in this REMOTES are not communicated with each other…

i want to create MESH network

The configuration is the same but the modules are different. A Mesh module will figure out how to get the data from the Sending unit to the receiving unit on their own where as the Non mesh modules required the sending unit to be in range of the receiving unit.