MEsh network with xbee series1


I am using xbee series 1 to transmit directly the value from the sensor using pin D0=2 and transmitting to the other xbee. Now i want to make a mesh network using XB24-DM in XCTU. Kindly tell me how to confiure the multiple xbees so that a mesh network is formed and sends the reading of the sensor directly.

Thanku very mcuh


DigiMesh networks are defined with a unique network identifier. This identifier is set with the ID command. For modules to communicate they must be configured with the same network identifier. The ID parameter allows multiple DigiMesh networks to co-exist on the same physical channel.
The operating channel on a module is selected using the CH command.
For modules to communicate, the channel (CH) and network identifier (ID) must be equal on all modules in the network.
For more information, please refer the product manual at the following link,
For the sensor to communicate with other modules, it should be having Series 1 module inside.

The new version of the referenced DigiMesh 2.4 documentation is You can also find an HTML version of this documentation at