digimesh network

hi, ı want to create a mesh network with xbee.I needed 6 analog channel for my project but xbee series 2 have only 4 analog channel.I think that ı can use xbee series1 with digimesh network with firmware or ı can use a mux to increase analog channel of xbee series.Which way is more preferable for xbee project

First off, why Mesh? Are you working in an area where you are unable to obtain the necessary connection over a Point to point, or Point to multi-point connection? If not, then I would just use the 802.15.4 modules.

Next, If the XBee module that best fits your application does not have all of the required ADC lines, I would consider using an external processor or uC to either support all of the ADC lines needed or to offset what lines I do not have enough of.