How to configure Xbee series 1 for mesh networking? And which series ( 1 or 2 )is better for mesh networking?

The XBee 802.15.4 miodule is a Point to point, point to multi-point product. It is not a mesh product.

Thanks for your reply. However in the following link, it has been mentioned that the Xbee series 1 can be configured to Mesh using Digimesh firmware.

That is correct. IF you order it as a Digi Mesh product then it will support mesh. Otherwise it is only a Point to point/multi-point product.

As for configuraiton, once the correct Code is installed, it is nothing more than setting the DL and DH to match the SL and SH of who you want to send the data to.

As a whole, Digi Mesh is faster as it does not have the overhead Zigbee has.

You can update the firmware to make it Digimesh, it should be labeled XB24-DM in XCTU. I suggest loading the defaults for the XB24 before updating them to XB24-DM

Thanks for your reply…mvut and antduong.