Creating a sensor network with DigiMesh

I am new to XBee and looking to start work on a project and trying to figure out the best approach. I am trying to build a network of environmental sensors using Raspberry Pi. The sensor nodes will be solar powered, taking environmental readings every ten or fifteen minutes and passing the recorded data to the other nodes. To minimize power consumption I was considering using the Series 1 with DigiMesh firmware in order to make use of their sleep settings. Please let me know if this approach sounds reasonable or if there might be a better alternative. And if this is the best approach please point me toward any helpful tutorials. I have been reading through Faludi’s Wireless Sensor Networks book but it seems to focus mainly on ZigBee and I’m not sure how similar or different the DigiMesh programming would be.

If you need modules to act as routers to allow the communications to occur, then I would use the Digi mesh.

Can you please help me because I am currently facing the same issue. I cannot seem to find a documentation that explains how to set up a mesh network with Digimesh.

I’m afraid I never solved this issue. I gave up on Digimesh because the documentation was so poor and switched to S2 Zigbee mesh. I also switched from Python to Node because the documentation seemed much better. Good luck.