how to create a mesh network ans how we use data of processing at every node ???

hey everyone,

i work on project where i have to Xbee modules for communication.
My project is-
i have 6 moving robots and i want to make a mesh network between them.
i also want to take control any robot at any instant.

please suggest how i can do all this and which XBee module i prefer to make mesh network …

if you are trying to transmit any specific kind of data then you need either programmable xbee or Microcontroller attached with a normal Xbee.

i’m locking for how i can call 1 specific node in mesh network??

using Atmega 2560 with xbee module …

There are examples in Arduino Xbee library whihc does the exact same thing you trying to do. They can call specific Xbee and sedn data using their ID numbers. You can have look at the transmiting examples in the library.