Using digimesh without hindering the arduino processing

I am using Series 1 Xbee (4pcs in remote place, 1 is connected with my computer) for tiny WSN setup. Each Xbee is connected with arduino UNO. I am trying to get mesh networking from this setup, I put them in (XB24-DM, Function set: DIGIMESH 2.4).

An example to get an idea of the problem:

From PC, I want to connect with a node (node: 3) which is not in a range (more than 90m) from my PC but I have a node (node: 1) in between. So, in normal case the node 1 is supposed to work as a router and sends the message from Node 3 to PC. My connected arduinos take command from the PC, work with it and then send sensor data to the PC side. My concern is whenever I will send command for node 3, will node 1 only route the message? or will it process the same message too? Because I found that node 1 is also working with the same message, but is there anyway for node 1 to just route the command without working with it (as because the address the message is intended to is different?, I probably can put a flag in arduino to recognise the intended receiver, but I don’t want to do it for this case)?
My another question is related to the previous one. If the answer is “yes, that in between node not only routes but also processes it”, could you please give me insights on how can I communicate with far node which is out of range as discussed above only using the relay capability of the node which are in between?

Please let me know if you need more information or elaborate information.

You need to use the addressing functions in the radios to tell them who the data is going to be intended for. That is set the DL and DH of the transmitting module to the SL and SH of the unit you want the data to come out the UART of.

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