Help on digimesh network

Hi. I am currently working on a project that measures the power at different locations using a power and current sensor. I am using an arduino uno as the microcontroller and xbee s2c’s as my wireless modules. I used the xbee.h library for arduino. Between the sink node and one sensor node, I was not able to transmit data at first using 9600 baud rate.I tried to lower the baud rate to 2400 and transmission was made possible. Everything was fine. The xbees were all configured as routers. I also tried the indirect message coordinator and polling settings and everything was fine. Now,I tried to connect a second sensor node with the same settings and transmission was impossible again. No data at all. I hope you could help me. Thanks.

How are you making the connection from the XBee S2C and the Arduino?

Hello mvut. In arduino,I used softwareserial (pin 8 for rx and pin 9 for tx). I connected arduino pin 8 to xbee dout and arduino pin 9 to xbee din.

To clarify,2 nodes (sink and sensor) communicate perfectly with 2400 baud but when I added a 2nd sensor node,which makes them 3 in the network,everything is not working. I tried to lower the baud to 1200 and changed it to higher values,but yet to no avail.


have you tried using a xbee shield to connect the arduino to the xbee?

The radio should be in api mode as well.

Hi. I have not tried it yet because I do not have access to those right now. Can you please recommend a thread that I can read in relation to my concern? I read one of the threads here and you recommended to make the base ‘s (in my case the sink node) to DH and DL to broadcast and all the others’ DHs and DLs to the 64bit address of the base, but still it did not work. I do not know if I need a shield for this because I had a project before similar to this one that sends 2-byte payloads that work perfectly without using xbee shields, the only difference now is that I am sending 5-byte payloads, to which I suppose that the XBees’ pins are 5-V tolerant.

I am not aware of any threads that have to do with what you are doing.

No the Xbee modules pins are NOT 5V tolerant. They are 3V ONLY devices.

Okay thank you mvut.