Problems about arduino connect to Meter and Send data via Xbee S2

i used arduino uno with xbee S2 Router and connect with xbee s2 coordinator .
Similarly, my arduino uno is connecting with meter via Modbus.
My problem is the command from Xbee Coordinator(i configured to send String “First”)
cant go to Xbee Router (Xbee Router connect with Arduino Uno by Arduino Shield) which i set to receive command from Coordinator
(My Coding is)
if (mySerial.available())
Serial.println(“–Come–in–loop–”) ;
Receiver = mySerial.readString() ;
Serial.println(Receiver) ;
and it doesnt show Receiver in Serial monitor

plz help me . Thank you for your Suggestion


This is an issue that is best handled by an Arduino forum as it is a coding issue for that processor and not the XBee.

Digi Support

Digi support
Can you suggest me a link to arduino forum plz

Try out with this one: