DigiMesh network implemented with routing errors

Hi everyone.

I’m a researcher of University.

I implemented one sensor network with 5 complete nodes composed by a PCB with microcontroller, sensors, batteries and xbee serie 1 (XB24-DM) with 8003 firmware.

The coordinator are connected to the PC by USB and is receiving packets succesfully.

All nodes perform the comunication to the coordinator with a Transmit Request.

The wireless sensor network is working reasonably well.

But I have a problem, the mesh topology isn’t working aparently.
Only receive the information of nodes with direct connect to the coordinator. All nodes have the same configuration and program code and with this firmware all nodes can act as routers.

ANyone can help me.



Can you elaborate on what you mean by Not able to communicate? What settings do you have on your radios? have you tried using one of the newer firmware versions?


Few nodes communicate with the coordinator. I know that because I receive data in the PC (coordinator’s microcontroller sends to the PC all the data that are received through XBee). But if I place more far one of this nodes (with a direct vision, 10 meters, of another aforementioned) this data are not received in the coordinator. Perhaps, is the routing failing?

Are the radios’ settings the transceiver’s configuration? This is shown in figure attached. This configuration is different in coordinator which have both, the sleep preferred option and normal sleep mode activated.

Nowadays, the new firmware (804B) is in study.