communication between two xbee series 2


I wand to built a mesh network with xbee series 2. I configure one xbee as a coordinator and 3 as routers. I changed the pan id and I let DL as it was because I wand routers to communicate with the other routers and with the coordinator. I notice that it is not working as a mesh network but s a star network and I can’t find the problem. Can you help me ?

thank you

Hello Dimitris,

Do you mean that the 3 routers can’t communicate with each other? Please, post the modules, function set and firmware version that you are using (and/or a screenshot of X-CTU’s Modem Configuration tab). Best regards,

thank you for your answer. I am demn.demetriou but i had problem with my account and i changed it. I use 3 xbee series 2 configured as routers and another one for a coordinator. i only changed the pan id and node identifier of xbees and they work only as a star topology and i want them to work as a mesh. How i can configure them?

I forget to mention that i use one xbee adapter for coordinator and 3 arduino mega 2560 for routers.

Hello again Demetris,

What do you mean with a star-configuration and mesh configuration? The way you have your devices configured means that Coordinator is sending broadcast messages (DH = 0, DL = FFFF) and the routers are sending unicast messages to coordinator (DL = DH = 0).

If you want your routers to talk with each other you can use broadcast in them (broadcast messages have some overhead/timing problems…) or configure DH and DL to the SH and SL of the router you want to talk each time you want to send a message.

Hope it helps. Best regards,

hello sebastian

thank you very mach for your advises. But i want routers to communicate with the other routers and with coordinator so i can not set a router’s DH and DL to communicate with only one. How can i do this ?

thank you

With broadcast messages :), they propagate through all the nodes.

Is any example or a tutorial that you can show me to do this ?


You just have to set DH=0 and DL=FFFF in all modules so they will send the messages to all the nodes in the network instead to only one. The documentation is available here. Regards,

I have the DH=0 and DL=FFFF but the routers continue to send only to coordinator