XBee Pro 900HP, "route not found", status delivery =25

I have two XBee modules configured with API=1. One of them is the Coordinator (CE=1), another one is Router (CE=0).

The Coordinator is plugged on Digi USB development board, and controlled by X-CTU soft.
Config Coordinator:
NO: 5; TO: C0 (digimesh); SM: 0 (Normal)

The end device/router, is driven by a microcontroller.

The transmission from End/Rouder to Coordinator, is OK, and the Coordinator send a “successful transmission status” but, when I tray to send a API “Transmit Request” frame to End/router device:

7E [00 0F] [bgcolor=yellow][10][/bgcolor] [01] [00 13 A2 00 40 A5 06 BF] [FF FE] [00] [00] [55] [3D]

[00 13 A2 00 40 A5 06 BF] : MAC address end/router
[55] : data byte.)

the end/router device send a message “Route not Found”, status delivery=25, etc. and, of course, the packet is discarded on the end/router device.

Any suggestion about this issue?


What happens if you use a directed broadcast instead of a Mesh? (TO80 instead of C9)

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Hello mvut,
Does you answer mean that if i set the TO to 0x80, my XBee-Pro 900 XSC S3B will act as a router ? and if so, will this help in extending my xbee range?
Thanks in advance

Yes, the default function of the 900 HP module and its related firmware is for all nodes to act as Routers.