No UART output in a XBee pro 900hp as ROUTER device

I have configured a network with xbee pro 900hp modules.

One of them is the coordinator (API=1); others are Routers. (API=1)
When I send a Transmission Request (0x10) from Coordinator to any router device, I can see the response from the router (0x8B) and successful. (no errors). The problem is: there isn’t UART output.

When I send a Transmission request from the Router to Coordinator, all is OK, and I see the Cordinator response frame as UART output .


Can you add your API frames you are sending to this post?

Yes, of course.

API Frame sent from Router to Coordinator:

7E 0F 10 01 (00 13 A2 00 40 B2 7F FC) FF FE 00 00 (1F) + Checksum.

  • API Frame sent from Coordinator to Router:

7E 0F 10 01 (00 13 A2 00 40 xx xx xx) FF FE 00 00 (55) + Checksum.

(I’m sorry, at this moment I don’t have the router lower 3 byte (xx xx xx) MAC address, but remember the Router sent to coordinator a successful API frame (I can see it on Coordinator X-CTU program).

Is there any problem with Destination Address, because when the coordinator sent the response to the router (API frame “Transmit Status”), there isn’t explicit destination address?

Thanks again

There is one thing you are missing in your TX request packet which is the Data Payload. Try adding something in for the data packet and then see what you get.