Question reformulated about Coordinator ----> Router device request transmission.

  • Modules: XBee Pro 900HP

  • API=1 mode in Coordinator and Router device.

  • Coordinator connected to PC by X-CTU program

  • Routers Xbee, driven by microcontroller (UART interface Rx, Tx).


b[/b] Data transmission from Router ----> Coordinator:

  API Frame ID = [b]0x10[/b] (Transmission Request), etc;

Result: Coordinator show the data received (X-CTU program), and send to de Router the Transmit Status (Frame ID=0x8B) and without errors.

On the Router side, the UART send the data to the microcontroller and I can confirm the successful transmission. (All is OK)

b[/b] Data Transmission from Coordinator ------> Router

   API Frame ID = [b]0x10[/b] (Transmission Request), etc;

Result: The router device receive the RF request transmission from the Router, and reply with a Frame ID=0x8B, and no errors (Data Received successful) (I can see it on the X-CTU program);

The Problem: No data is transmitted through the XBee Router module UART …

Question: Why the Router receive the RF Transmit Status frame and output this on the UART, (when the Coordinator respond), but there aren’t any activity on the UART when the Coordinator send a frame Request Transmit (0x10)?

NOTE: The 64-bit address for the destination router is embedded in the API frame generated in the Coordinator.

  • Is necessary run a network association command from the Router?
  • Why the Router respond as if all is OK, but there isn’t output data on the Router UART?


What is your API frame you are sending to the Coordinator that is destined for the Router?