Best way to determine whether a remote XBee is awake?

The details:
Python scripts are run from ConnectPortX2
The remote sleeping nodes are DigiMesh 2.4 drop-in networking adapters (analog, digital I/O, RS-485, etc.) The ConnectPortX2 is the sleep coordinator.

The challenge:
The library installed on the ConnectPortX2 is rather limited. Serial pins on XBee adapters are disabled to make room for more I/O.

The question:
What is the best method to ascertain whether the mesh network is sleeping?

The choices:

  1. xbee.ddo_get_param(addr, ‘D9’)
  2. xbee.ddo_get_param(addr, ‘SS’)
  3. N/A since the device is sleeping and will timeout
  4. a better approach

None of these are suggested. Instead use the Sleep status messages on the radio and have your python app look for them.

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Thanks for the tip.

To clarify, you’re advocating for reading the Sleep status (‘SS’) on the sleep coordinator (ConnectPort X2) which is always awake. According to the documentation it looks like bit 0 in the SS response indicates whether the mesh network is asleep or awake.

That is 100 % correct.