Sleep mode with several end devices and a gateway -

I’m trying to understand sleep modes with regards to transmission and reception of data. A bit of background. This is for a university project where I intend to have a network of riverside water monitoring stations along the bank of a river. There would be a coordinator XBee3 connected to a microcontroller with an SD card reader, strung along the river would be for example 4 more XBee3s with sensors attached.

Having read the XBee3 manual I would be looking at extended sleep mode. For example the XBees would all wake up for 5 seconds every 30 minutes, take sensor readings, transmit then go to sleep. The manual says that each end device polls with the router/coordinator to see if it has data waiting for it, however I am wanting to send data TO the router/coordinator for storage, and several end devices are not in direct range of the router/coordinator, hence why I am using XBee3s. I assume I would set the router/coordinator as the destination in each end device and data would be transmitted through the other XBees that are in range through the mesh.

Also I would be keeping the router/coordinator active a little longer than end devices to ensure receipt of data.

The destination address high and low should equal the serial number high and low of the radio you want the data to come out the UART of. The mesh will forward that data on its own to that module with the matching serial number.

From the timing you are using and how you listed it, I suspect you are looking at using Digi Mesh since Zigbee mesh does not allow for a Coordinator to sleep.

When a sleeping router or end device wakes up, it polls its parent for any data while it also checks its UART for data. If there is data to be sent, it will be sent.

Thanks for the quick answer, confirms what I thought I was understanding. Yes I will be using the digimesh for this,