bingin with connect me

some body have any exemple for “Digi Connect ME
Integration and Development Kits” in netos7.1 because i don’t make something since 3 days… (with http i have this error “undefined reference HSSend” and nothing work with the Input/output)
thank you.

Hi Cedric,

I can’t tell from your message if you are using the -S module with the Integration Kit or the -C module with the NET+OS development kit. I’m am guessing that you are using NET+OS with the development kit. Can you tell us what sample you have tried to get the error you listed? Are you building from Digi ESP or from the Cygwin command line?

Best regards,

John Leier
Digi International

thank johnleier
I using the -C module with the NET+OS development kit and I build it with the digi ESP
I installed netos7.1 , played the sample “HTTP server sample” and all is ok. I can create a new web page and put it in this project (thanks to HTML to C to compile).after i created a new projet with FTP and HTTP server, I added the file containing the Web page and i builded it but i had this error :" undefined reference ‘HSSend’ ". (According to what I understand on the forums,i think it’is a problem of librairie).
For the GPIO it’s ok. I control it in read/write.

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It looks like you need to include the libhttpd.a library into your project. I.E. select the project on the left -> properties -> NET+OS -> libraries tab -> add.


thank but if I add it, I have many probleme about redefinition : “multiple redefinition” for many function in sys->http->cgi.c and file.c
I think the probleme is that i want keep ->web and add my web page too.
I joint the file witch i add after i created project.
if you want can you see my projet?