NET+OS update undefined reference to FCConnect

Digi Connect SP device NET+OS 7.5.2 (Win 7 32-bit). I recently updated from 7.2 (under XP) to 7.5.2 (Win 7) and I have converted several projects successfully. But one project has me stumped for three days; the project uses FTP and whatever I do I get multiple errors referring to the FTP functions eg ‘undefined reference to FCConnect’ etc etc. I can reproduce the error simply thus: (1) Build the sample FTP client application just to prove it works (2) create new NET+OS project (disable all service options except ADDP Server) (3) build and test OK (4) import the two files naftpclnt.c and .h from the FTP sample (5) Rebuild and see errors. Tried everything I can think of. Thanks, thanks, thanks for help.

you do not need naftpclnt.c in netos 7.5.2 to enable ftp services. Just enable ftp server from lit of services in the project properties or when creating a project

Thanks, I tried this but it does not deal with the client libraries. I have also tried importing the required libraries and adding them to the linker configuration. Just yesterday I found I could go to Properties | NET+OS | Libraries tab | Add and add the required libraries from a list. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.