Where did the FTP Client go?

In the latest update of NET+OS 7.4.2 and also 7.5, one cannot select the FTP Client? The auto make function will not add the necessary libraries. I worked around this by adding the ftpclnt.a and narmapi.a to the .settings file and it built but cannot debug my ftp client files (probably because the build is omitting the debug library) not sure? You cannot even select FTP Client from the project wizard in 7.5.
Really strange things started happening in Windows7 (32 bit)under 7.4.2 that cannot be explained…timers not timing, global variables changing values for unknown reasons, so I am going to port my application to 7.5.
Is there a way to add a library to your build since the auto makefile isn’t doing it? Or do I need to do like in 6.3 and create custom makefiles for the application?

Did you try clicking on the following:
project (right button)

I just tried this (V7.5) with an snmp project. libftpclnt.a was listed in available libraries. I selected it and added it.