BL2600 Control I/O over ethernet

I have a fairly simple task that i would like to perform with my BL2600. I would like to program it to accept commands over Ethernet that control the various I/O on the board and make changes to variables used to interpret those I/O’s. Seems simple enough but i am having trouble finding any sample programs or examples on doing this that doesn’t require an actual web browser.

The BL2600 will control a variety of sensors, relays and digital logic circuitry. The remote host (PC or Server) should be able to establish and maintain an Ethernet connection in order to pass commands that change relay states, request sensor readings etc. These commands would then be used in a much larger software control system that utilizes several other Ethernet controlled nodes besides the BL2600.

Any sample programs or suggestions on a way of doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This would be an ideal application for the Bacrabbit BACnet stack ( except for the fact the stack only supports Dynamic C 10.xx and Rabbit4000 or later processors :(. The best option after that might be Modbus TCP as at least it is a standard protocol and you should be able to get something up and running on the BL2600 and the PC without having to completely reinvent the wheel.