bl4s200 mounting hole

I am using BL4S200. I design my board to interface with BL4S200. I will put BL4s200 on the top of my board, so I need position mount hole. Could you please provide a mechanical dimension of Bl4s200. a dwg file would be the best. In BL4S200 manual, I only found 4 mount holes dimensions. 1 hole close to J7 and another hole under cpu module misses position and dimension.

For BL4S200, power supply will be between 9-36VDC and 4.5 W. I would like to put a fuse for protection. If I use 12VDC as power supply, what kind of fuse I can use? fast and slow blow, how about rate? 250mA or 500mA?

How can I get DI/DO status from DC programming?

Good afternoon, the only dimensional information we have for all Rabbit products are the drawings in the Users manuals.

With 12V supply the board should pull maximum of 375mA so probably 500mA or greater fuse should be used.
The fuse choice should be determined based on overall system design and anticipated failure modes that could lead to over current. We can’t really make this decision.

I am not sure what you are asking, please see the samples in Dynamic C for the BLxS2xx.