What is the minimum current draw I can expect to obtain from a BL4S200 supplied with 12VDC?

I would like to use a Rabbit BL4S200 in a 12 V battery powered installation as part of a telemetry project.

Using DC function:
set_cpu_power_mode(10, CLKDOUBLER_OFF, SHORTCS_ON);

I only notice a very small reduction in current draw from the supply, 260mA down to approx 235mA.

Is it possible to reduce this further i.e. a sleep mode or would I have to look at using another model SBC optimised for low power modes such as the LP3500.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Take a look at Table B-1. DCIN Current Available at J7 (in mA) Based on Power Supply and Vcc (= 5 V) Current Used at J7 on page 181 of the user manual located at


You can also use pd_powerdown() and pd_powerup() to power the ethernet chip up or down.