Can I reduce the power required to supply the BL4S200

Thank you for the promopt reply Margaret.

To clarify my original question: I wish to reduce the current consumption of the BL4S200 so that it can be supplied from a battery in remote locations. The intention is to put the SBC into a “sleep mode” and wake every couple of minutes to transmit small amouts of data.

Your answer relates to the current available from the BL4S200 J7 connector to auxiliary devices (peripheral cards) which I do not intend to use.

Section B3 page 181 mentions that the BL4S200 itself, draws 377mA from the Vcc supply which appears to reduce to approx 260mA at the +RAW J5 input pins when supplied by 12 VDC.

Are there any techniques apart from the ‘set_cpu_power_mode();’ command which would enable a significant reduction in current drawn from the supply to be achieved?

Alternatively, is the LP3500 SBC the better choice and will it be supported for the foreseeable future? The BL4S200 suits this project because of its ease of termination and SD card for datalogging. Also the project is only small volume (30 units).

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The only other information I was able to find was Disabling the clock doubler will reduce power consumption and further reduce radiated emissions.