rcm3750 power requirement change in H version

We got in a new supply of RCM3750 boards (H Revision) and noticed the current draw is almost twice as much as the previous boards.

The older revisions listed the power with Ethernet active as:
175 mA @ 22.1 MHz,
150 mA @ 11.05 MHz

The H revision now lists the power with Ethernet as:
315 mA @ 22.1 MHz,
290 mA @ 11.05 MHz

Is there something we could change in firmware or software to get the power back down to what it was with previous boards?

This was a hardware change brought on by a an obsolete part, PCN #191216-02
Due to obsolescence of the previously qualified AX88796LF ENET chip (Digi
P/N 660-0190), Digi has qualified corresponding replacement AX88796ALF
(Digi P/N 16000220)
Digi has qualified a new Ethernet Controller to replace the obsolete
Ethernet Controller. The supplier part will change from ASIX AX88796LF
(obsolete) to ASIX AX88796ALF in order to facilitate build consistency and
inventory management. The new Ethernet Controller is
Form/Fit/Functionally compatible with the old one except it draws 140 mA
more current than the obsolete part.

The User’s manual below reflects this change on pages 7, 8 and 158.

Don’t think software can make this change.

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Thanks for the quick reply!