BL4S200 Multiple Interrupt Problem

I am using a BL4S200 SBC and I’m trying to configure several digital inputs to have their own interrupt routines. However, if I try to add more than 4 ISRs, I get a “No space left on device” error at runtime.

Is this board limited to 4 interrupts? Am I doing something wrong?

The error I get is -

Run Time Error: No space left on Device
function: _rsb_release
line: 996


I think I found the solution. Re-defined RSB_MAX_ISR and now I don’t get the error. Just happened to notice it in a sample program. Wish there was more detailed documents that are board specific.

I have the same problem. Could you tell me where do you re-define “RSB_MAX_RI”'?
I was thinking it was a problem about to clear the interrupt.