ERROR BLXS2XX.LIB : This library is for BLxS2xx series SBC boards only.

We have developed an application using a BL4S200. We are trying to put the same application on a RCM4300 and receiving this error message when trying to compile. Using Dynamic C 10.72. I saw this post in the form
I am not sure how to change the IDBolock.
Does the RCM4300 need a different .LIB file or can I change a configuration in Dynamic C?

The BLS2XX.LIB file contains the board specific support for the BL4S200 series of boards.

Are you developing a custom board or are you trying to replace the RCM4310 on the BL4S220 with an RCM4300?

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Thanks for reply.

I am trying to use the rabbit core with out the SBC. I ordered 7 RMC4300 and am trying to put the same program into the 4300 that was used on the BL4S200.

2 questions;

  1. Can put the program complied for the BL4S200 into the 4300?
  2. do I need to order 4310 boards to use this same program?



It really depends on whether you are using any of the functions in BLS2XX.LIB.
If you are not then you can probably just remove the #use “BLS2XX.LIB” from your code.
If you are, you should probably copy the file and rename it (myboard.lib or something more specific) and remove the “#if ! BLXS200_SERIES” test from the code, modify any of the routines that you need to suit your hardware setup and remove any you are not using. This will create your own board support library. Also modify the #ifndef __BLS2XX_LIB macro near the top to a suitable name.