BL4S200 new boards can't be programmed with WRITE_IDBLOCK_BLXSXX

Hello Digi Team,

We have bought some new BL4S200, but we can’t program them.

When we try to program these BL4S200 (the source code is working with others BL4S200), we got these compiler messages:
27: ERROR BOARDTYPES.LIB: No ID Block found on the target board.
28: ERROR BOARDTYPES.LIB: Please contact Rabbit Technical Support

We trying to use WRITE_IDBLOCK_BLXS2XX.C
But when the compiler is loading the code to flash, it stops and show this message:
Discovering board type…
20148 / 47104

We found that the las 4 targets we bought have the same problem.And all were new.

What do you recommend us?

Best Regards,

The serial flash chip on certain Rabbit modules recently went EOL. Digi provides a patch that can be downloaded from The archive includes a text file with more details including affected board revisions. You should hopefully be fine after applying the patch and recompiling your software.

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Hello,Currently Digi has latest version of Dynamic C 10.72 A, the WRITE_IDBLOCK_BLXS2XX.C app with Dynamic C 10.72A runs successfully.No need to install any patches. You can download it from the below link.

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Thank you jlovinger, it worked in the new 4 boards

Best Regards,