NO ID Block found Rabbit 6000

Im working with the rabbit 6000 CPU. Right now I am just trying to get a hello world working and all I’m getting are the error messages from BOARDTYPES.LIB. lines 27 and 28.

#error "No ID Block found on the target board." 
#fatal "Please contact Rabbit Technical Support at " \ 
" for assistance."

Any ideas on work around to this? I’m running Dynamic C 10.70

I think IDblock corrupted on your board.You can write the correct ID blocks on the board using the Dynamic C application,For this contact Digi tech support team. send mail to

Open your dynamic c, then press CTRL Y for recompile rabbit bios.


You need to write a System ID block into the Flash. There is no Designer’s Handbook written for the Rabbit 6000 but you can use the one for the Rabbit 4000 as a general guideline

See complete details on the System ID block in Chapter 7.

To write the ID block you will need to download this program “Rabbit - Write ID Block 10.70” on the DC 10 web page