Upgrading the IDBlock

It’s been over a year since I was actively using the rabbit boards here, but one of our rabbit projects was pulled off the back burner here and I needed to get my development environment back up. I ran into an issue however, these old BL2500’s are acting like they have no ID block when using 9.52.

I recall shortly before I the project was backburnered that 9.2x changed how the ID blocks are stored. I can’t seem to find any information on updating from the old to the new ID blocks. Any idea where the utility for repairing the ID blocks would be on this?

The error I’m getting is…

“WARNING ERROR: No parameters found for flash id received from pilot bios - using default parameters.”
“WARNING BOARDTYPES.LIB: No ID Block found on the target; defining BOARD_TYPE to be a BL1810.”
And some assorted things due to no board type being set.

BTW, for reference, the board works perfectly in DynamicC 9.01, but I need the Modbus/TCP module that needs a newer version of DynamicC.

Solved it. It appears that project files are not compatible across versions and will fail silently on you, causing all kinds of erratic problems.