Board-Specific Library


I am using a RCM5400W and in order to use it as a Slave to implement the Modbus protocol, I need to use the board specific library, which should contain functions such as “mbsDigOut”.

So, does anyone know which is the board-specific library for the RCM5400W?

I appreciate any help!

There is no board specific library supplied for the RCM5400w as far as I can see. There is one for the BL4S100 (modbus_slave_bl4s1xx.lib) which could be used as an examp[le of what needs to be done.

Basically you supply those functions tailored for the hardware in your syatem and the modbus slave library uses them to access the actual hardware i/o.


Thanks a lot, Peter

So if there’s no library for the RCM5400W, I can just define the functions I need in the user program?


Ok, great!

By the way, do you have any experience with the Modbus protocol on Dynamic C? I need to use my RCM5400W as a Slave and I am having trouble with the programming!

Not at the moment, I’m afraid. BACnet is my main preoccupation at the moment.

i’m getting a board designed which has 2 RS485 ports and I may look at doing a BACnet to Modbus gateway with it at some point but not in the near future.