BOM of RCM5600W modules

Hi All,

I bought the Deluxe RCM5600W Development Kit. I don’t see the BOM (Bill Of Materials) of schematic bellow. I need a BOM of the schematic below for help me to choosing the match footprint.

  1. BOM of Schematic MiniCore Interface Board.
  2. BOM of Schematic Serial Communication Accessory Board.
  3. BOM of Schematic Digital IO Accessory Board.

I found some of the BOM for another products in the xls file format on digi site, but I not found for rabbit products.

Please, help me. Thank You

Good afternoon, we do not share the Bill of materials with customers. You can get dimensions from the User manuals, and information from the schematics

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@MargaretK, thanks for the information, but I find BOM some another digi products but none for the rabbit in

With the BOM will facilitate us to make our interfaces as needed and reduce trial error. I hope that the BOM for the rabbit is provided.

Sorry BOM’s for Rabbit products are not available to customers