Download BOM file

I can download the schematic file of Rabbit development kit. However, I could not find the BOM file.

Please anyone help me, if you know where to download the BOM (bill of materials) file.


The BOM files are not made available on the website. Why do you need one? Most part numbers/values are clearly stated on the schematic.

The reason to have BOM file because I follow Rabbit prototype schematic to design my company product that is including Rabbit module. Sometime, If I can follow the exact footprint and package, I can save my time or minimize trial errors.

Most development kits of ATMEL, MICROCHIP, ALTERA, XILINX, etc… include BOM file to help developers to adapt when using their products. I hope Rabbit can see the competion advantage because I like to use this processor for new design. There is no secrete of BOM file if you already public the schematic and give free compiler to developer.

OK, I can see that being a good reason. What BOM file(s) specifically are you looking for? We have many development kits. I will see what I can do for you and suggest we add these to the website (I don’t run the website, just my mouth here on the forums :slight_smile: ).

Thanks Bill. I really want to design with RCM5700 for my next project instead of ATMEL/MICROCHIP/CYPRESS MCU because I think the core is flexible and powerful. Please public the BOM file of the interface board.