Boot & execute my program from flash

How do I do if I want my program to boot and execute from flash ? The template Makefile generates an image.bin which is a “zipped” ram version of your program with an header. The header contains information where in ram to put it, if it is “zipped” and if it shall execute from ram or rom. With the naftpapp application I can download this image. On powerup the bootloader “unzipps” the image, places it in ram and starts executing it (I think). So far so good. This part works. The Makefile also generate a rom.bin file which is a (as the name implies) a rom based version of your program. This file doesn’t have any header and isn’t compressed. If I try to download this file with the naftpapp program the system won’t boot. What shall I do in order for my program to run from flash? Can i use the naftpapp program or do i use any other program? Shall i add a header to the rom.bin file or is it suppose to be without any header? Which file shall i download?

rom.bin is what you are looking for, if you can’t boot it’s probably because something is wrong with it. Are you using Dev. board or your own ? are you able to boot with compressed version out of SDRAM?

I figured out what the problem is. On the NS7520 development board the flash is used as NVRAM. If I remove the call to nvinit the rom.bin boots. This must be a bug in the BSP for the NS7520 development board since the bsp tries to write to flash at the same time as it executes from it…and this does not work.