Bootrom Net+OS 6.0

My goal is to allow FLASH downloads (yeah… I am original) So, OK, I link the bootrom with my project but do I have to add naftpapp? Thx

I am not sure what you are trying to do but I guess that you want your application to be able to download a new program/data to FLASH. First of all your program that will perform the FLASH programming must reside in ram (can’t execute from FLASH while programming it), but by default this is not a problem since the program is decompressed (if packed) to RAM by the bootloader and executed from RAM. If no program is present or an incororrect program (invalid checksum) is present in FLASH the bootloader will try to download a new program by BOOTP. If you want to download a program by other means you have to modify the bootloader (my application accepts new programs by RS232 or UDP/IP). It is best, if possible, to have this function in the bootloader because if you have this code in the main program an the power is lost in the middle of the download the system can’t reboot. I don’t know if this answers your question? /Jesper

Hi Jesper, Thx, I do understand, but still I am not clear if the Bootrom lib contains the FTP/FLASH methods or do I have to include NAFTPAPP functionality? I need to update firmware over the wire (FTP is fine). One things is for the bootrom to call back in case of disaster, but what I am really asking is what components are required to allow firmware downloads? If I load the rom image for any example appjust using the BSD defaults, I can’t download new code (I tried it) Cheers, Uriel

For image downloads over the network, you need to make ftp server part of your boot application image.