FTP server in rom

“Naftprom is a rom based ftp server - executing out of flash. A board that has naftprom stored in its flash acts as an ftp server as soon as it gets powered and users can update the flash content via ftp at any point.” This was part of the the answer to a question about the difference between naftpapp and naftprom. Naftprom works fine but after loading my own application into flash, naftprom is gone. My own application runs when I restart the board. This is obvious. However, I want to be able to load a new application when restarting the board without overwriting the naftprom application. So after loading a new application I would like naftprom to start my own application. Is this somehow possible?

The only way to achieve that is to add the naftropm function calls and files into your project so with this way you would run not only your function calls but also the naftprom additionally.

I figured that out myself also. But I think I have another problem then. If I do so I run the FTP from RAM and I load a new application (which of coarse contains the ftp application again) then I have a problem when for example a power failure occurs. Then I can end up with a half loaded program in flash which is unable to reload a new program. Am I right? By the way. Last week at the Embedded World Show in Nuremberg I was told that the NET-OS 6.0 package will contain a bootloader functionality. I think that will solve my problems.

You are right. That’s why bootloader was a must and now that is implemented.