Net+OS 5.1 Naftprom??

Hello,Where can I get a copy of this naftprom all I received with GNU NetOS 5.1 was naftpapp. Can anybody show me an example of using the bootloader? Thanks, CB

Hi,did you get an answer to your question? because i am very interested by naftprom application. I am fed up with loading naftpapp before loading my image… thank


I was wondering if you ever got an example of the bootloader. I cannot find any documentation on it, but I’d like to implement it as I am having a hard time loading the example programs, much less some code I was left with. I’d appreciate any help. I also do not have this directory : NETOS5_GH35\src\examples
aftprom Thanks

Use Naftpram as the basis of a module to link in with your program. (Its pretty easy - pinch the startup bits from root.c, and include the main c file, and that’s pretty much it, if I remember right). Then when you put your program into flash, you automatically have an ftp update facility. (You have to get the first program into flash somehow, and naftpram is quite a good way. Or you can get JTAG-driven flash programming software from MacCraigor)