Am I too stupid to use this board ?

Hello,I’m using the GNU development tools with the NET50 board. After fixing the libraries (copting the libs from /gnusrc to the right location) I’ve compiled a sample application from the /src/apps/template. Now I’m trying to load the rom.x or the ram.x (I really am new at this) into the board to execute a printf "hello world and turn one of the leds on. I’m using a Raven with the OCD commander to do this. I also get target bus errors while downloading the rom.x file. Maybe this is somehow related ?!? Am I following the right procedure to get the code into the board ? And afterdownloading should the program execute after a GO ? Regards, Gregor

You need to download the debug.x of the application in order to run images in the debugger env. When you want to program the flash you need load the debug.x of the naftpapp application and while that one is running ftp the rom.bin.