Hello World application (GNU tools)

Hello,I’m using the Digi Connect ME development board and the Net+Works with GNU tools. For 3 days, I try to use the “Hello World” application but I have some problems. In the Net+Works 6.2 build environment I follow the steps as said in the tutorial book named “Net+Works with GNU tools tutorial” and I don’t succeed in running the “Hello World” application. The download is done correctly but in the terminal instead of getting “Hello World” there is displayed “RAM based FTP server ready”. Even if I do a MAKE in a different directory (to use an other application, it allways displayed “RAM based FTP server ready” Can you help me? Thanks xavier

There seems to be a step missed out in the tutorial guide. After you have typed in xdbkt -se image.elf and the debug console window appears, click yes to the message described in the tutorial. This has now loaded the program into the debugger. Now the missing step, you have to type lo image.elf in the gdb console to load the program into the boards ram. The board will now reboot and display the hello world message. hth Andy

Thank you Andy for your reply. But my problem did not come from of what you told me. In fact, I have solved the problem by changing the target in Ocd Remote. Instead of having ns7520 I had another type of microprocessor. Xavier

I’m having the same problem. I did modify the .gdbinit file to automatically load image.elf. However, even though it appears to load the evaluation board still seems to be running the flash code. I noticed elsewhere that for the ns9520 board someone suggested placing a jumper on j1, but I don’t have a jumper j1 and jp1 appears to be related to the second serial port.

By the way, I’m running the ns7520_a board with a Raven