Digi Connect ME Development Board Startup

I am using the Digi Connect ME Development Board with Raven debugger, and am trying to run the sample application “naftpapp” as described in the “NET+Works with GNU Tools Programmer’s Guide” manual. All steps seem to work fine including: building the BSP, building the application (I’m specifying the platform as “connectme” as instructed), starting the debugger, and downloading the application. However, when I type “c” (continue) to run the program, I get no errors and it seems to be executing, yet nothing ever appears in the HyperTerminal window. Of course, when I power down and then power the board back up, the naftpapp program loaded in ROM that came pre-loaded with the board immediately runs and displays its information in the HyperTerminal window as expected. I am able to ping the device and open ftp, etc. from the ROM loaded program. I have also tried loading the “Hello World” application from the debugger with the same results. One thing that is interesting to note is that when I stop the debugger and then step through the program, it is stuck in a delay loop, in function waitMills, in nawait.c. This result occurs in both the “naftpapp” program as well as the “Hello World” program. Any insight as to what I’m doing wrong is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joel

Seems that your device has happened am unexpected exception. If you can step up in your debugger, you could find out wich exception happened by stepping up the stack until you are in customizeExceptionHandler. There you have the variable excetionType wich tells you more. Acually I dont know the DigiConnectME in detail. Does it have any LED or Pin that can be used for debugging? Then you could modifiy developmentBoardLedTable so that the BSP tells you the type of exception by blinking the debug LED/Pin a certain number of times for each exception type.