This example application was previously provided with NET+OS v5.0 and 5.1, but is missing from v6.0.

It provides an example of access external CGI


Hi Cameron,
I m using Digi connect ME development board,and trying to run the naficgi example available in this thread .But the program hangs after initialising its ip address.

I also observed the same with nahttp_fs ,which hanged similarly.So i downloaded the eraseFlash as suggested in the forum and compiled and made it run on the Digi board,but even this program hangs.

Am i missing any config? Please help!

The URL in the above forum post no longer exists. The indicated example has no bee attached to this message.


One step ahead,now i could run naficgi.
I disabled the BSP_INCLUDE_FILESYSTEM_FOR_CLIBRARY and recompiled the BSP.

I dont know why it hinders the application running.

Could anyone enlighten me of the problem.

Mean time,i got to get the eraseFlash working …

Thanking in advance,


Please call our support line at 952-912-3456 or e-mail us at with your phone number so that we may discuss this issue directly.