Digi Connect Me set up

This is regarding the DIGI connect me module.These are the details of the set up and procedure we have followed

1 . Powered the Set up , The Boot Banner found in the hyper terminal

  1. I was able to ping between the Host PC and the Target

3 . As per the manual , in the X tool Shell in the Path /cygdrive/c/netos71/src/bsp

“make PLATFORM=ns7520_a clean” all was successful

then in the path /cygdrive/c/netos71/src/apps/template/32b
make PLATFORM=ns7520_a clean all was successful

Then the GDB command was entered and I got a Source window and a console window

and the image. elf was loading, as the file was loading the system got hanged and when restarted the original Banner is not coming

I feel that the Boot flash is corrupted

Now the Ethernet connection between the target and the Host is lost and the Boot rom is to be loaded through the J link adaptor, kindly suggest me on the procedure for loading the Boot rom using the COP adaptor as its not available in the Manual

If you are using the connect ME, why are you building for the NS7520 platform?