Nahttp won't run from flash

I’m using NET+50 development system (Rev D). I’ve a custom made JTAG interface which works fine with the OCD Commander (at least I think so). NAFTPROM application was in the flash. With the flash download utility I’ve downloaded nahttp application and wrote it in the flash (with the download utility). The result is that board won’t get into the main application execution any more. The LEDs sequence I’m getting is (after power up or reset) Green is on, yellow( red in the documentation) off Green is off, yellow is on (few seconds) Green is on, yellow is off Green blinks (while yellow is still off) Green stops blinking, yellow starts blinking forever! What’s the problem?

Try this approach: 1- Build the rom image of nahttp application. 2- Run naftpapp on the board - make sure that you can ping the board. If you can’t ping the board that means the ip address is not set correctly with respect to your local network settings. You can configure the ip address either through hyperterminal at the time of booting or disabling app_use_nvram in the appconf.h file and setting a static ip address thereof. 3- Once the naftpapp is running on the board and you see the prompt Ram based ftp server ready then ftp the rom image(rom.bin) to the board by the ftp utility of Net+Os (ftpdl.exe) located at the netos\bin. 4- Upon completion of the download reboot the board and see the image coming out of the hyperterminal.