naftpapp won't work

I have Net+OS 6.0, NS7520 board, GNU and Raven debugger. I have built the naftpapp and ran it according to the instructions in the “programming guide”. I ftp:ed rom.bin of the sample application “natime”. In the serial-port-shell the following was shown: “FTP: Flash download complete. Resetting system in 10 seconds.” Nothing happened after that! I restarted the board and now both of the leds are lit (green and yellow). Where can I find out what the leds are indicating? If I try to run naftpapp everything works fine, but I can’t ping or ftp the board. I would be very glad if someone could assist me and tell me what I have done wrong. Thanks.

Are you really sure nothing happens? You have to wait quite a long time until anything happens after restart. By default the bsp checks RAM everytime starting up and this takes about half a minute or so. I suggest that you first use the template application which only writes out to the serial port. Did you try this on an evaluation board already? Good luck! Stefan

I found that the FTP Flash load does not complete until after my FTP client disconnects. I type “bye” to make it happen, but it may also happen after the control connection times out. If you reset the board while FTP is still connected, the last chunk of your binary is never written to Flash, with predictable consequences. Larry Martin

Yes, I noticed that to which solved my problem. I didn’t check the source code in detail. /Fredrik