Using other FTP Clients with naftpapp

I have been trying to use other FTP clients with naftpapp than ftpdl.exe that comes with NET+OS but have not been able to get it to work. Example with Microsoft’s command line ftp: >ftp Connected to 220 NET+ARM FTP Server 1.0 ready. User ( 230 User (none) logged in. ftp> binary 200 Type set to I. ftp> put image.bin 200 PORT command Ok. 150 About to open data connection. 226 Transfer complete ftp: 221614 bytes sent in 0,66Seconds 337,83Kbytes/sec. ftp> close 221 Goodbye. Answer from naftpapp: RAM based FTP Server ready. FTP: Flash download complete. Resetting system in 10 seconds. But the application image does not execute after this. If I use ftpdl.exe it works fine. What does ftpdl.exe do that is not done in the above example?

some older versions of Netos requiered padding the image to 1M or 2M using pad.exe. It’s not required in the newer versions (4.0 and later). Also it might mean that the image is bad

Do you have the latest libraries for the ftp client? an update was sent out to fix reconnection problems. I have also noticed on occassions that even though the programme will appear that it has downloaded nothing actually happens, check by putting a breakpoint in ftp_flash_stor. I am not sure if this is a caching issue.

You have done everything correctly, but with one exception… The file you ‘put’ must be named rom.bin or romzip.bin. This is fixed in naftpapp.c. The NetOS ftp loader will likely cease to function if the names are changed. The login and password used with ftp is also defined in this file. The user must be (none) even though you have other logins set up. It appears that changing the ftp login will have no ill effects. Note: Passive must be OFF for the ftp client to sucessfully transfer the file. The Windows command line ftp client defaults to passive off. I have been working with BSD Unix and passive defaults to on.

I use NET+OS 5.1, so that should not be a problem. I used the very same image both with ftpdl.exe and with the Microsoft FTP client so that is not it either. Some other ideas anynone?