Image Files on Flash


I’m guessing we can only have a single image file on Flash for the Digi Connect ME device with JTag (NS+Works 6.0).

That being the case, if I were to FTP an application to flash, it would overwrite any other application that existed until that point. So, to retain some basic services like FTP, I read in a post somewhere,we could include the following statement in root.c


and rebuild the appl.

Does this work ? Or is there any other way to retain multiple applications in flash ?

is this true?

From another sample app (WeatherStation, I believe)…

In your make file, after your normal vpath statements, add:

NAFTP_CODE_FILE := naftpapp.c
ifneq (,$(findstring :$(PLATFORM):,:connectme_lsk:))
vpath %.c $(NETOS_DIR)/connect/src/naftpapp
NAFTP_CODE_FILE := naftpapp_connect.c

In your APP_C_FILES list:


(include trailing slash only if not last file in list)

In root.c, add a function prototype:

int ftp_init_flash_download (void);

Somewhere in applicationStart:

ftp_init_flash_download ();

Should be all you need.

ifneq (,$(findstring :$(PLATFORM):,:connectme_lsk :)***)

Remove all ***'s to get the original, without the smiley…