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I have a problem with the ftp server. In my application I use the example “naftpsvr_fs”, so that I can load and store files with ftp (RAM0 & FLASH0). How can I load a new image on the ConnectME, which is implemented after a RESET? Does someone have an example of a solution? I use NET+OS6.3 and ConnectME.

Try using the naftpapp example.


Hello Paul,
I would like to insert two things into my application.
1.It should be possible to down-load over ftp a new image.
2. I would like to access over ftp files in the ranges RAM0 & FLASH0.
I need a combination of the two examples “naftpapp & naftpsvr_fs”. Does someone have an idea? Thanks for your help.


Have you tried to merge the two examples into your application? You should be able to take the pieces you need from each and build them into your program.

Hello, which have I tried, it does not work. If I enter with ftp in the ConnectME, I am in the range /RAM0 or /FLASH0. How do I change in the right range where I can placing the new IMAGE ? Perhaps is my application correctly only my ftp command wrong? I can change into the range “/”, but it is not possible to load a new image into this range, the procedure broken off.

I checked the NETOS 7.0 Whats new release notes and the feature was added. See item 12:

  1. Added functionality to provide FTP download capability while using the File system. This feature bypasses the file system instead of going through it, which wastes a lot of time and memory. This is now a standard part of naftpsvr_fs example application. [16502]

I believe the changes can be easily backported to 6.3, they’re mostly contained in netos\src\fs_intf\ftpsvrfs.c.