Naftpapp download problem

I am not able to make flash download.
I downloaded naftpapp using gdb.
And tried for first time to do ftp application to download new image.bin,where the ftp hangs everytime I do “put image.bin” as shoen below:

Connected to
220 NET+ARM FTP Server 1.0 ready.
Name ( (none)
230 User (none) logged in.
Remote system type is NET+ARM.
ftp> bin
200 Type set to I.
ftp> put image.bin
200 PORT command Ok.
150 About to open data connection.
ftp: netout: Connection reset by peer

Did anyone have the same problem.COuld anyone help?
Thanks n regards

I have seen same kind of a thing when I was using ftp that didn’t properly understand PASSIVE mode. Though if this is Windows ftp, it should work as it is. Any personal firewalling solutions active that might break up the connection?