Boot loader troubles

We have an existing board, based on the reference schematic. It has 32-bit wide RAM, and I wrote a mini-loader to copy the software from the Flash down to RAM, then start it. We’ve created a new device that is basically the same, but has 16-bit wide RAM for economy. When the flash is blank, I can bring up the system with the JENI, and load and run my software. When the flash is programmed, the unit acts dead and the JENI cannot get control of the CPU. I’m looking for clues as to what I might be doing wrong. It looks like the program is copied to RAM, and I lose my way when I try to execute from it.

Found the problem: Apparently, once I’ve set 32-bit mode, I can’t set it back to 16-bit mode. I know it’s possible; I’m just doing something wrong. I can leave it hard-coded at 16 for now, but would appreciate a clue.