CPU 32bit and 16 bit SDRAM and 32 bit FLASH

We have a question to ask,hope someone help us how to do we use NS7520 32 bit,and use a 4M FLASH 16 bit,and an 8M SDRAM 16 bit. we got bootcode,and run ucLinux,seem to be 32 bit arm mode ,on hardware design, how to wrok on 32 bit when we use a 4M flash 16 bit,and an 8M SDRAM 16bit on our development board,its address bus might be from A2~Ax,or A1~Ax ?and A23~A24,it seem to be b(11) (pullup)or not?have any superman, can tell us how to do,tell us the detail,thanks

Your english is a bit difficult to understand but I think I know what you are asking about. If you will use a 16 memory you shall use A1-Ax and D16-D31. Unused pins should have a pullup/down resistor connected to it. /jesper