Flash, RAM, and NVRAM support

For the flash and RAM, I am using a 16bit wide data bus. Is that supported by the NS7520 or do I have to use a 32bit wide flash and RAM. Also, is it necessary to have a NVRAM? Thanks.

Hi Tommy You can use 16-bit wide data bus for both… However, it is more common to use a 16-bit wide bus for flash and 32-bit wide bus for the SDRAM… as the app in flash usually bootstraps itself up into RAM and runs from there and you get better much performance out of the device when running from 32-bit wide RAM… As for NVRAM… depends what you are doing… For example if you intend to use the uClinux from FS Forth then the port to you hardware would be easier if it had battery backed SRAM as this code stores its configuration settings in the SRAM… BBFN Dave